Wedding Services

They don't call me "The Kallah Whisperer" for nothing. I provide services no other makeup artist and hairstylist offers.  In addition to bridal makeup and bridal hairstyling services, I provide professional bridal beauty trial sessions, computer-generated imaging to take the guess work out of your finished bridal look, beauty touch-ups at the wedding venue, specially designed blessings and prayers for the bride and the mothers of the bride and groom, one-of-a-kind Tena'im plates, as well as wig/sheitel styling. And don't forget my FREE Skype and Facebook consultations

Bridal Beauty Trial Session
The Kallah Whisperer Israel Bridal beauty trial session

I bring my beauty salon to your home for a COMPLETE Bridal Beauty Trial Session. This is an extensive, professional session, not a 15-minute "meet and greet".

English Ketubot
The Kallah Whisperer Israel Bridal blessings and prayers

Let me design and write ketubah that has the coloring, wording and design to fit your lifestyle.   

On-site Bridal Beauty Touch-ups
The Kallah Whisperer Israel On-site bridal beauty touch-ups

Photograph thanks to Herschel Gutman Photography

I provide on-site makeup and hairstyling touch-ups at the wedding venue from the time you arrive and for as long as you need me.  

Bridal Prayers
The Kallah Whisperer Israel Bridal blessings and prayers

I have designed and created a series of personalized wedding prayers for the bride, as well as for the mothers of the bride and groom.  

Want more bridal beauty tips and learn more about Jewish wedding customs and traditions?  Check out my blog The Kallah Whisperer.

Wig/Sheitel Styling
The Kallah Whisperer Israel Wig and sheitel styling

I specialize in styling wigs and interweaving hair accessories for weddings and other simchas.  Wig coloring and revitalization available.

Tena'im Plates
The Kallah Whisperer Israel Tena'im plates

I design one-of-a-kind porcelain Tena'im plates for 'breaking the plate ceremonies" during engagement parties, tena'im celebrations and pre-chuppah ceremonies.