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What Brides and Mothers of the Brides and Grooms say about The Kallah Whisperer

התחתנתי ב- 11.12.13. אל יוכי הגעתי במקרה וכשנפגשנו לאיפור ועיצוב שיער נסיון הבנתי שהיא תהייה מאפרת ומעצבת שיער שלי בחתונה. יוכי המאפרת ומעצבת שיער המקצוענית ביותר שאני מכירה. יוכי בחנה אותי, התאימה לי את האיפור המתאים ולטעמי. ועובדת בדקדקנות מקצועיות ונעימות שאין כמוה. יוכי איפרה אותי ועיצבה לי שיער ועשתה עבודה מופלאה. הגיעה עם מזוודה הכוללת את כל מוצרי  האיפור ועיצוב שיער, והקדישה מרב הזמן שניתן היה על מנת להוציאה הכי יפה שניתן. יוכי נעימה מאוד, עדינה ולהיות עמה לפני אירוע זה תענוג מפנק בפני עצמו. ממליצה מאוד מאוד.

Elena Gashkov-Vilchik, כלה                                                                                                


Thank you so much and thank you for making me a queen for a night.  You are highly professional, sensitive and you did an excellent job.  Look forward to the having you make me up for our next simcha.  Sharon Evans,  Mother of the Groom 


Yochi Eisner made me look more beautiful at 32 than I ever looked in my life!  She put me at ease and made me feel like a princess.  I felt confident and beautiful at my wedding because of her, a true kallah!  Thanks you so much, Yochi.   Jodi T., Bride

Hi!  Thanks to you I got over 300 hundred compliments on my look. Feel free to look at pictures on my profile page and use them. Thank you so much, you were amazing!  Chaya Hirsh, Bride


Thank you for all your patience yesterday!  We had such fun with you, and the end results were well worth all the time spent.  The Wedding was amazing!! :-)  Jeanne Cohen Klempner, Bride


Yochi  I just want to thank you again for the wonderful job you did.  Like most women I am somewhat criticial when it comes to my looks. However on my wedding day and now watching the video, there is truly nothing I would have wanted done differently!  Feel free to use me as a referral!  Gail Lobel Rand, Bride


Dear Yochi,  Thank you so much for all of your help on the day of my son's wedding!  My Mom was so happy that you came to her house to do her hair and makeup and help her get dressed! Afterwards, I was delighted that you came to my house to do my hair and makeup as well! At the wedding wall, when I realized that my dress was too long, you saved the day by quickly shortening! During the wedding you helped make sure that my hair and makeup remained perfect until the very end at midnight!  Everyone was so impressed with the way I looked! I could never have done it without you! I already know that you'll be the one I call for help at my next simcha! With you, there is no "bad hair day"!  Thank you so much!! Love  Debbie Simkovitz Weinglass, Mother of the Groom


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What members of the bridal party say about The Kallah Whisperer

Hi Yochi,  Just to say a big thank you for yesterday - it was great working with you and everyone loved my hair!  My niece was also SO happy with hers.  It was a pleasure meeting you, hope we get to work together again in the future.  Thanks again!

Dannii Bernstein Mazor

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We can't thank Yochi and her amazing team enough for the most fabulous surprise 16th birthday spa and make-up party for our beautiful daughter, Gabi. They handled a bunch of very excited 15 & 16 year-old girls patiently and with good humour.  AND not only do we and the girls have a bucket-full of memories, but with Yochi's DH taking almost non-stop photographs from the moment that Gabi walked into her party right up to the last girl departing, it will always be a truly unforgettable evening. (Yochi, if you are reading this; Gabi slept sitting up all last night and her hair stayed in!)  Still on a high - and we would recommend Yochi to anyone looking to make a special day even more special, for a precious daughter. 

Helen & Simon Oster


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What Sweet 16 Party clients say about The Kallah Whisperer
What beauty clients say about The Kallah Whisperer

Due to personal and professional situations in my life, I decided it was time for a CHANGE.  I had been avoiding blonde hair color and putting on makeup for a long time in my life.  That combination always made me think of unintelligent or fake women.  On the other hand, I wanted to be recognized and noticed.  So I asked Yochi to gradually make me blonder (as opposed to red or dark brown) and through a step-by-step process over several months she ultimately achieved a dirty blonde/auburn hair tone which attracted favourable reviews.  I wanted to look my best at this year's Chanukah party, where I knew I would be one of the "oldest" people there.  I turned to Yochi to give me a polished, younger look.  Yochi knew that I do not wear heavy makeup and yet she succeeded in hiding my naturally red complexion and emphasizing my eyes. The result was "Cinderella on Chanukah".  Ronni Kives

Yochi has been cutting and styling my hair for over three years and I'm still amazed when total strangers compliment me on my hair and ask where I get it done. I tell them to go to Yochi because not only will she make you look the best you can, but you'll have a good laugh while she's doing it, too. Patricia Carmel

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