The Ketubah

A Ketubah* is a once-in-a-lifetime affirmation of the commitment a husband and wife make to each other under the Chuppah.  

To learn more about the significance of the Ketubah, click here to read my blog "The Jewish Marriage Contract In All Its Beauty".

(* Ketubot is the plural of Ketubah)

What is the Kallah Whisperer offering?

Ketubah product specifications:

Size:  A-3 size (29.7 x 42.0 cm, 11.69 x 16.53 inches)

File: PDF file you can easily be printed in any print shop

Language: English language only

Final product sent: PDF file in English only via email

Click here  to read the general text for all Ketubot.

How to order:

Choose a style you like

Provide the following customized details:

1.   Jewish day of the week, Jewish Date on Jewish month and Jewish Year
2.   Name of city, state and country
3.   Groom's name, son of groom's father
4.   Bride's name, daughter of bride's father
5.   Amount of marriage gift (or traditional amount in silver)
6.   Two lines (at bottom of Ketubah) are kept blank for witnesses to sign under the chuppah

Click here for pricing information.  To purchase a standard text Ketubah in one of the styles above contact me here.

If you want to write your own Ketubah, contact me today to discuss your dream Ketubah. 

* The Shivat Haminim or Seven agricultural products listed in the Torah and grow in the Land of Israel.

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