Bridal Beauty Trial Session Part 2 

More about the Trial Bridal Beauty Session

What will Yochi do?

  • We begin with your hair.  Once I have an idea of the types of hairstyles you like, I will begin to create hairstyle choices for you. I will curl, tease, straighten, pin and dress up your hair until I achieve the result you want. I will take photos of the looks you like.

  • I will try on a veil with each new look to see how it blends with your hairstyle and how it feels on your head.  This way you get an approximation of how the final hairstyle will feel on your head during the big day.  I will also ask you if you intend to wear your veil throughout the night, cover your hair after the chuppah and any other pertinent questions.

  • We will also talk about whether you want to let your hair grow, add hair extensions, or change its color (gradually) or add highlights and think about any other changes you wish to make for the "big day".

  • Once the hairstyle is to your liking, I will begin to create your makeup look.

  • Once we discuss any possible skin allergies, I will match a foundation to your skin tone and then I will begin to build your look. We will discuss possible makeup looks: dramatic, subtle, sheer and any color choices you may have noticed: pinks, golds, neutrals and so on. 

  • I will then create a few eye makeup looks, using a new mascara to prevent any possible eye infections.

  • Once we decide on an eye look, I will finish off the look with powder, shimmer, blush and lipstick/gloss.

  • I will take sample photographs to see how the makeup looks "on camera" and make adjustments as needed.

  • I will then add a veil, tiara and jewelry to complete the perfect look. I will then take final photos.


Who should accompany me to the Bridal Beauty Trial Session?

• I recommend you take someone with you to the session; your mother, sister or a trusted friend. Bring someone who will be objective, helpful and fun.


When should you schedule your Bridal Beauty Trial Session?

• Schedule the Trial Session as soon as you can: either as soon as you have set a wedding date or once you have seriously begun to think about your wedding look (whichever is first), so we have a start off point and can make the session as effective as possible.

• At this point you should also tentatively schedule the wedding date with me as well. (You will need to close the wedding date with me as soon as possible, if this issue is still open.)

• After the session you should then schedule the following appointments:

  • An appointment with a cosmetician to ensure your skin is at its best.

  • We can schedule appointments to help improve/maintain your haircut/style, change your hair color (gradually), add highlights and style your brows.


Other scheduling issues

Rule of thumb: On the day of your wedding, the makeup and hairstyling session should take between 3 -4 hours (this depends more on your hairstyle than on your makeup).   To this time-frame add another half-hour to 45 minutes for slipping into your wedding gown and shoes and then final bridal beauty touches BEFORE you leave the house. 

Makeup and hairstyling for bridal party members can take about one to one and half hours for each member.


What to bring to the Trial Session?

  • Please wear a white top. In addition to makeup, eyelashes, hairstyling tools, I also provide tiaras, hair accessories, veil and absolutely EVERYTHING else you need!

  • Pictures of the gown you choose or gowns you like or websites of gowns you like.


​Let's have a great time finding your bridal beauty dream!


I provide bridal makeup and bridal hairstyling services, exclusively in the privacy of your home, anywhere in Israel!

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Computer-generated imaging

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