Bridal Beauty Trial Session 

The Bridal Beauty Trial Session allows you, the bride, to try out different makeup and hairstyling looks to find the one best suited to your appearance, life style and the wedding style. Once a makeup and hairstyle plan is established, you have one less worry and one less task on your never-ending list of wedding tasks. This session can be relaxing and fun at a very stressful time.


Please allow at least four hours (!) for the Trial Session. Clear your schedule and make an appointment as soon as you can. This session can be held in my studio, your home or the home of a trusted relative or friend.


Prior to the Bridal Beauty Trial Session

Prior to the Trial Session, please search online and in magazines for bridal looks that please you.  Don't limit yourself to just one look - go crazy!  Even if you have always dreamed of one special look – this is your time to experiment and have fun.  We will find the look that is perfect for YOU!


Please email me links to these looks, along with a head-shot (until your shoulders) picture of yourself (back and front, if possible) and your gown (if you have a photo), so I can begin to visualize bridal looks for you.


What to expect at the Bridal Beauty Trial Session?

We will talk about:

  • Your lifestyle, attitudes toward makeup (Do you rarely or always wear makeup? Do you like dramatic or understated makeup?) and hairstyling (Do you want a dramatic hairstyle or a simple, easy-to-wear look?).

  • Your wedding gown and wedding style (Country? Formal? Casual? 'Shanty'?). Have you already selected your gown and wedding style or are you still searching?

  • Your dream hairstyle and hair accessories (tiaras, hair clips and so on) as well as jewelry choices (necklaces, earrings, bracelets and so on).

  • Your wedding color scheme and flower choices. These can influence the makeup colors and styles.

  • Your skin condition and routine, allergies and skin sensitivities.

  • Wedding information: venue, outdoor or indoor wedding season, date and time of day and more.

Computer Generated

Computer-generated imaging

Now you can know EXACTLY what you will look like in full makeup, hair and wedding gown - BEFORE THE WEDDING - with my computer-generated imaging !  I take the guesswork out of choosing a hairstyle and makeup for your dream wedding.  Click here to learn more.

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