Beauty Workshops

I believe that every woman should know the secrets of her own beauty. I offer a variety of workshops and classes women's groups, kallah classes and Bridal and Bat Miztvah parties. All workshops available in English and in Hebrew.  

אני מאמינה שכל אישה צריכה לדעת את סודות היופי של עצמה. אני מציעה מגוון רחב של הרצאות וסדנאות וגם קורסים לפי הזמנה עבור ערבי נשים, שיעורי כלה ומסיבות רווקות ובנות מצוות.  אפשרות לסדנאות בעברית ובאנגלית.

The Kallah Whisperer Israel Private Makeup Lessons
Private Makeup and Hairstyling Courses

I offer intensive makeup and hairstyling courses, short-one day beauty sessions, as well as sheitel maintenance sessions.  All courses are available in both English and Hebrew.

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The Kallah Whisperer Israel Purim Makeup Workshops
The Beauty Business Course

This is the only English-language Beauty Business course available in English in Israel today!  This course is specifically designed to help English speaking beauty business owners and those thinking of opening their own businesses.  In a small supportive group you will learn, share and get the kind of experience you need to succeed in all customer-related issues.  There is no other English-speaking course available in Israel today that provides you with class time and one-on-one mentoring. 

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The Kallah Whisperer Israel  Beauty Workshops
Beauty Workshops

Workshops on a range a topics, including The 10 Minute-Makeup Routine, Mascara Application Techniques,  Stop Wasting Money: How to Shop for Makeup, Day Makeup-Evening Makeup, Makeup for Your 50s and 60s and more. Available throughout the country.

The Kallah Whisperer Israel Shabbat Makeup Workshops
Shabbat Makeup Workshops

Learn how to apply make up for Shabbat: What makeup products are permissible.  How to apply base and powder. Eye makeup and lipstick techniques.  Group and private lessons available.  Available throughout the country.

The Kallah Whisperer Israel Purim Makeup Workshops
Purim Makeup Workshops

Learn how to create a wide variety of Purim makeup looks at home; from clowns and tigers to butterflies and puppies. A fun workshop for adults and children alike! Hire me for private parties, corporate and shul functions!  Available throughout the country.